QR Athletes Sweep Podium at Recent Events

Quintana Roo professional and age-group athletes have had huge success in their recent 70.3 and IRONMAN events, all taking the first spot on the podium. We’re extremely proud of each of these athletes for their performance & dedication to keep pushing to the front of the pack. Read More

Disc-Brake Triathlon Bikes

Triathletes are making the switch to our new disc-brake PRsix and PRfive triathlon bikes. Learn the benefits of disc brakes and if there are any disadvantages - plus read reviews from QR professional athletes who've switched to disc-brake PRseries bikes. Read More

Matt Hanson wins IRONMAN Texas

We're extremely proud of Quintana Roo Professional Triathlete, Matt Hanson, who won IRONMAN Texas North American Championship in record time of 07:39:24! After finding himself three and a half minutes behind the swim leaders... Read More

IRONMAN Texas Race Report

We're extremely proud of our Quintana Roo Professional Triathlete, Matt Hanson, who won IRONMAN Texas North American Championship and set a new IRONMAN World Record... Read More

Jennifer Middlebrook Overcoming Obstacles Through Triathlon

My name is Jennifer Middlebrook. I am a 48-year-old triathlete who bikes on a Quintana Roo PRsix tri bike, and I was diagnosed with focal dystonia in my legs and feet when I was in the 7th grade. Read More

2018 IRONMAN New Zealand Results

A few Quintana Roo triathletes recently kicked off their 2018 IRONMAN seasons at IRONMAN New Zealand. Here are a few of the results and images from raceday... Read More

Why Triathlon Bikes Are Different

When it comes to triathlons, triathletes must gain every inch of advantage in order to win the race - One of those advantages includes efficient gear. Check out how the key differences between triathlon bikes and rode bicycles provide vital competitive edges. Read More

5 Best Triathlon Events in America

Triathlons are some of the most grueling physical tests anyone can endure. In case you're considering one, we recommend choosing one of these top 5 locations. Read More

Jocelyn McCauley Recaps her 10th Place Finish at Kona

When things get mentally hard, what brings you back to focus? Read More

QR Athletes Hanson and Robertson are North American Champions!

Congratulations to Quintana Roo professional triathletes Matt Hanson and Jodie Robertson for winning the Ironman North American Championship Texas! With the industry leading aerodynamics of the PRsix, Matt and Jodie were able to... Read More