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The PR three Series

Elite Tri Bike

The PRthree is a new elite level bike, sharing some technology advanced by its series cousins, the PRsix and the PRfive - lightweight, aero-efficient, stable, and mechanically easy to work on and travel with.


New Elite Level Tri Bike

Opening up a new Elite level category, the PRthree features trickle down technology from the award winning PRsix and PRfive. Shift, Boat Tail Airfoil, Static Downtube Orientation and the aerodynamic QBox storage system are technologies developed by QR specifically for athletes with the goal to acheive their personal record (PR). QR has even gone as far as reducing the bike build up tools down to 2 allen wrench sizes to ease travel headaches. We keep it simple so you can focus on getting your PR.

The PR Series is our premier line of high performance triathlon bikes. From the professional to the elite age grouper to those with a goal to finish, the PR series is the best choice to help athletes achieve their personal record (PR).

SHIFT Asymmetric Aerodynamic Technology: QR’s unique “shift” aero design was first introduced in the CD0.1 and further refined in our PR series. Shift offsets the Static Aero Downtube towards the drive side of the bike thus redirecting the concentrated airflow away from the ‘dirty’ (driveside) to the ‘clean’ side (nondrive side) of the bike. This minimizes drag and makes the drivetrain virtually invisible to the wind. The result is a bike that is more stable and more aerodynamic across a wider range of yaw angles. Athletes find that Shift helps stabilize the bike in cross winds which saves them energy on the bike to use on the run.

Boat Tail Airfoil: Used in ballistics technology and the automobile industry, Boat Tail airfoils are more stable and more aerodynamic than Kamm Tail airfoils while still maintaining effectiveness over a wider range of yaw angles than traditional airfoil shapes. The boat tail shape reduces swirling air pockets off the back of each aero tube thus reducing drag and stabilizing the bike.

Static Downtube Orientation: Wind tunnel testing has shown that dropping the downtube as close as possible to the trailing edge of the front wheel improves aerodynamics. With this in mind, we’ve specifically calculated the downtube drop ratio for each size of the PRsix to make sure that every frame falls within the tightest standard. In other words, every size of the PRsix is as aero as we could possibly make it.

QBox Aerodynamic Storage System: QR’s size specific QBox storage system is designed to further enhance the Boat Tail Airfoil increasing aerodynamics and stability while providing a quick and convenient location for storage. It also doubles as a safety beacon that can be turned on or off without leaving the saddle.

*components specifications subject to change


  • Trickle down technology from the award winning PRsix and PRfive
  • Shift Asymmetric Aerodynamic Technology
  • QBox Aerodynamic Storage System
  • Frame featuring 24T hybrid composite technology
  • Boat tail cross sections increase aero efficiency and provide greater stability (used on the frame & QBox)
  • Static Downtube Orientation for maximum aerodynamic advantage across all sizes (size specific design)
  • Easy Assembly: 2 allen wrench sizes
  • Cockpit Adjustment

Bike Specifications

  Shimano 105 Premium Mix Shimano 105 Premium Mix with Race wheel
Cane Creek IS41 Cane Creek IS41
Profile Seventeen Profile Seventeen
Profile T2 Wing Profile T2 Wing
Profile Design T4+ Alloy Profile Design T4+ Alloy
Seat Post
QR Aero Carbon QR Aero Carbon
ISM PR 2.0 ISM PR 2.0
Micro Shift Micro Shift
Front Derailleur
Shimano 105 Shimano 105
Rear Derailleur
Shimano 105 Shimano 105
Shimano 105 Shimano 105
FSA Gossamer Pro 52-36 FSA Gossamer Pro 52-36
Shimano 105 11-28 Shimano 105 11-28
Shimano 105 Shimano 105
Bottom Bracket
Continental Continental
Shimano RS010 Novatec R5


  48 50 52 54 56
Seat Tube (C-T)
48 50 52 54 56
Top Tube Length (CM)
47 49 51 53 54.5
Head Tube Length (CM)
7.4 9.5 11.5 14.2 15.8
Head Tube Angle
71 72 72 72 72
Seat Tube Angle
77/83˚ 77/83˚ 77/83˚ 77/83˚ 77/83˚
Chainstay Length
39.5 39.5 39.5 39.5 39.5
Wheelbase (CM)
95.7 96.8 99.5 101.7 103.1
Standover Height
73 75 77 79 81.5
Front Center (CM)
57.4 58.4 61 63.3 64.7
BB Drop (CM)
7.35 7.35 7.35 7.35 7.35
Fork Rake (CM)
4.8 4.8 4.8 4.8 4.8
700 700 700 700 700
48 50 52 54 56
38 39 41 42.5 43.5


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